Mobile phone accessories are a must-have for most technological devices. It has become necessary to have these accessories with features, attractive designs and stylish colours. From Mobile Phone plans to portable chargers, mobile phones accessories have become important for us.

Many accessories are compatible with your mobile phone. These are essential methods of making sure your device is in good condition. You can buy phone cases online and can use them easily. Apart from it, other accessories are :

1. Selfie Stick Tripod:

This 3 in 1 Extendable Selfie stick Tripod is a very handy Bluetooth wireless camera tripod. It can be used as a Selfie monopod, Cell phone holder, and a Remote Shutter for time-lapse photography. The Bluetooth wireless camera tripod can extend up to 40 inches, including different angles for the best selfie picture. It not only lets you take excellent selfies but allows you to make a video recording with ease.

2. LED Folding Light Box:

If you want to stand out among your competition, having good quality product images is essential. How do you make sure your product images look professional? Use this portable Light Box studio! It's much more convenient than having to hold up a heavy light yourself, and the background highlights your products perfectly! It’s an easy plug-and-play feature that provides the perfect lighting for all your products.

3. Clip-on Condenser Mic:

Every aspiring vlogger seems to choose video blogging as the next big thing. Every techie and even non-techies want to become a successful vlogger. To make your wish come true, you need a good-quality lapel microphone for video blogging. The Sontronics lavalier microphone is the best option for beginners. With the best mobile phone deals in New Zealand, this mic is offered too.

4. Touch Screen Pen:

This Capacitive touch screen Pen is a perfect accessory for artists who wish to draw, sketch and doodle on the move. It has a soft rubberized tip which makes it comfortable on your hands if you have been drawing on your touch screen device for a prolonged period of time.

5. Micro USB to USB converter:

Looking for a cheap and micro USB converter? The search is finally over. You can now transfer your important docs from your computer to your mobile device with ease. Sadly, most cheap converters are slow and unreliable. This tiny gadget is an exception because of the best mobile charger and it has a quality build and comes with a rich feature-set.

6. Bluetooth Adapter:

This smart accessory will let you connect all your non-Bluetooth-enabled accessories with your Bluetooth-enabled device. This is the perfect tool for the multi-tasker who would want to multitask under one roof. The Wireless Bluetooth Adapter enables you to have an endless number of connections with the help of its wired connection system.

7. Phone Holder in Car:

Are you one of those people that get directions from your smartphone rather than the built-in GPS of your vehicle? If yes, then to increase your safety/comfort, you'll want to purchase a phone mount for your car. There are many different styles of phone mounts for cars available. These interest-free phone holders hold the phones easily.

8. LED Selfie Flash:

While there are plenty of large, heavy flashes out there cluttering up your purse or pocket, this tiny, pocket-sized flash will provide a quick burst of well-aimed light no matter where you are. Never again will you have to watch a blurry picture in all its pixelated glory. The LED Selfie flash makes things easier for people who like taking selfies.

9. 2 Port Car Charger:

The Boost Up is always on the go. It provides power to your device’s USB chargers, but it also doubles as a sync charge. It must be noted that all car models are different for charging purposes, hence make sure you’ve checked the model of your vehicle before buying this product.

10. Power Bank:

The mobile phone has changed our lives tremendously. We can do work, play, call, chat, and just about everything with mobile phones. Various power bank accessories act as fast chargers and are available in the market that can help you charge your mobile phones for long hours.

11. OTG Cables:

Using USB OTG (on-the-go) lets you connect external storage devices like flash drives to an Android Smartphone or tablet. You can then use them to transfer your data or apps to or from the device’s internal storage.


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