Most people in the world utilize mobile phones in their lives. This has created a huge market for accessories, extended battery life, applications, and cover cases for these phones. However, to protect the phones, back covers are important for it.


A phone cover case is an extra layer of protection you put onto your phone to ensure protection against scratches, dents, or any sort of physical damage. It is advisable to have a case for your phone to protect it from damage when dropped or scratched by keys etc. Tech Crazy presents some of the main points of back covers to you.

Importance of Back Covers:

People can buy cover cases online for better protection of mobile phones. The importance of back covers are:

1. Provides safety:

Safety is a major concern for everyone. Especially in the workplace, being careful and protective is necessary. The mobile phone case helps protect against all types of accidents and incidents and makes sure your phone stays safe and sound. Mobile phones will not be broken.

2. Provides good look:

Phone cases are more than just protection for your smartphone. A phone case can make your day-to-day life easier with its innovative design and functionality. iPhone covers and apple phone cases give a new look to mobile phones. It makes your phone look attractive to people.

3. Protects from dust:

Made of rubber or plastic, phone cases may be designed for a specific model or brand of phone, or they may also be a universal style that fits a wide range of brands and models. These leather cases keep phones dust-free and make them dustproof.

4. Keeps phones scratch proof:

Phone cases can reduce damage to your phone from getting scratched. They prevent a lot of the scratches that occur in our pockets, purses, or bags. You can buy phone cases online to prevent scratches done to your mobile phones.

The material used by Tech Crazy for Covers:

Tech Crazy used a number of materials for the mobile phone cases. However, phone cases NZ are available online and you can see material there too. Materials used are:

1. Silicon:

With textured silicon and rubber material on the surface, the cases offer a good grip, preventing your phone from slipping. Silicon keeps the phone safe and secured.

2. Aluminium:

Most smartphones aren’t encased in metal. While aluminium and titanium are popular materials for creating bumper cases, the most common types of finishes you’ll encounter are plastic and rubber.

3. Leather:

Leather has been around for ages. All of our cases are made from high-quality materials so they last a long time. Plus, the leather makes them easier to hold.

4. TPU:

Polycarbonate and TPU cases offer protection from scratches and still maintain a sleek, stylish look. These materials allow you to customize your case for a unique look.

You can buy phone cases online NZ through the Tech Crazy website and can visit the store too for further details.

Types of mobile back cases:

Mobile back case structures are of different types and Cary for different phones. Some of the types that Tech Crazy offers to the customers are:

1. Bumper cases:

Minimalistic, yet functional. Bumper cases are designed to protect your phone from bumps without covering anything except for the sides of the device, letting you display your phone case art and colour combinations. You can buy phone cases online in NZ through our website.

2. Phone Skins:

Phone skins offer you the freedom to customize your phone and add a bit of style to it while keeping away fingerprints and scratches. They’re some of the top-selling phone covers on the market, and they can completely change the look of your phone. These are mostly apple phone cases and help keep the phone good.

3. Rugged cases:

Tech Crazy offers a wide range of original and durable cases for smartphones. With these cases, you can protect your Smartphone from scratches, bumps and drops. You can customize your case with your name to make it unique. Apart from it, you can buy phone cases online and then attach the phone with them.

4. Pouch Cases:

Mobile pouches slip on and off smartphones easily, and some even feature a magnetic closure to keep them closed when idle. They’re made of soft, microfiber fabric that allows users to easily access the display and all the device's ports. These mobile phone cases make the job easy for you.


There are only a handful of phone cases that do not tear and Tech Crazy has been involved in the manufacturing of such cases. Tech Crazy has been providing the best mobile covers long before you could even think of such a service. Anyone who would like to shop at the store should be doing everything possible to use this platform and enjoy using cell phone covers.

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