Enjoy the liberty of movement with the best e-scooter, Unagi. It represents a classic amalgamation of looks, performance, and comfort. Hogging with Unagi, the latest luxury scooter can give pleasant experiences. These days commuting to work on e-Bike or e-Scooter is trendy.

Not to forget, easy to maintain and profitable. Unagi E-500 is winning the hearts of a massive audience with its chic design, dual motor, and variety of colours. You can drive up the hills without breaking a sweat. It can be your call to a carefree and scoot girl gang. Unagi is competent with minimalist design from its pioneer engineers in every aspect feature are incredible. Even the critics call it Tesla of scooters as it is already clinching the electric scooter market globally.

Unagi has versatility: The make of Unagi contains a lightweight carbon frame with a minimalist design. It is easy to use, foldable and works with just one click. It is easy to transport with you or put away when not in use. Prove to be an ideal opportunity for an urban dweller. Hop back on it and ride wherever you wish to go.

Unagi is sustainable: Switching to electric is the best way to relax planet Earth. Being marked as a luxury scooter, Unagi has a powerful dual-motor sufficient to ride up hills and substitute the necessity for a car or bus. The scooter can ride up to 25 km and has three different riding modes. It is best for short trips, as it helps you get out of traffic, making it a huge blessing for saving time.

Riding Unagi is a leisure activity: Extravagance and technique are the foundations of Unagi's design. Unagi is available in four colours and sports three driving modes- Eco for the leisure riders, Standard for the commuters and speed lovers, Professional. People admire it for its sleek design and breathtaking colours.

It has deliberately chosen elements: The automatic operating control and intelligently designed unparalleled specialties make the Unagi special. With the magnesium alloy handlebar and custom-designed solid rubber tires with integral air- suspension, all components are adequate to exaggerate its functionality. Masked as a flawlessly utilitarian mid-range electric scooter, the Unagi is a perfect example of micro-mobility creativity.

Are you willing to take a classy ride and enjoy its exceptional features? It is an outstanding investment that will take you around the city and look immeasurable doing it. Unagi is a famous brand from California, USA, and is available globally. You can book your stylish Unagi scooter in New Zealand from Tech Crazy.

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