Are you looking to buy electric bikes online? Himo C26 is the perfect eBike in NZ that can solve all your issues easily. Whether it be riding for fun, or traveling shorter distances, or even for exercise purposes, Himo eBikes never fails to amaze us. Let’s learn more about it!

Gone are the days when people used to ride their bikes with human effort and pedals. Today, leading brands like Himo have brought many disruptions in the biking sectors, and the introduction of the Himo C26 electric bike is the best example of that. Whether it be the folding options, or varying speeds, or even headlights for a better night vision, Himo eBikes have transformed various eBike sectors of the world.

In fact, Himo C26 is one of the most trending aspects when it comes to buying an electric bike in NZ. Tech Crazy, for instance, is one of the online electric stores that offer this tremendous and future-ready eBike in NZ. But, what exactly is Himo C26 all about, and how can you buy an electric bike in New Zealand? Let’s explore all such things in today’s article!

Overview of Himo C26 eBike

Himo C26 is an exceptional eBike that comes with a hybrid model, meaning, it can be operated electrically or mechanically. Himo C26 also boasts a speed of up to 100km, which is definitely on a higher side amongst all the electric bikes available in the market. Besides that, this prominent eBike from Himo also offers a braking distance of up to 4m on a dry road, and up to 6m on a wet road. 

Not to mention, this amazing eBike can carry a loaf of up to 100 kg and offers acceleration of 25kmph. With a high-quality metal body and a huge power reserve due to a 10Ah battery, you can easily drive up to 100kms in a single charge with Himo C26! The seat slightly drops which gives it an aesthetic look and even offers an upright rising position. 

Specifications and Design

Here are all the technical features that make HimoC26 the best option to buy an electric bike in New Zealand. 




Three-speed meter switch


Spoke wheel with fork shock absorption 

Max Speed








Tire Size and Type

KENDA 26X2.125 Pneumatic Tire

Battery Parameters

Ternary Lithium Battery  with 48V / 10AH


Vector sine wave controller, fault code feedback


250W motor type

Battery Life

650 cycles, or 100kms in a single charge

Charging time

5-6 hours

Frame Material

Aluminium Alloy

Rated Power



Electronic brake+ foot brake+ electromagnetic brake

Water Proof



20 degree

Designing Components of Himo C26 eBike

The overall finishing of this amazing eBike is of high quality. The gearing used in Himo C26 uses Shimano 7-speed components, whereas the brakes are mechanical disc brakes that work wonders in enhancing the performance of Himo C26. 

The stanchions of Himo C26 are also finished using anodized gold, and the eBike comes with a preload and lock-out functionality. The front suspension shockers offer 100mm travel and make the overall riding experience the best for the users even on some bumpy roads. Although the tires come with a 26’’ wheel size, it is very comfortable when using your eBike for city riding, canal towpaths, and some less hilly areas. 

HimoC26 is also equipped with a nice headlight that works on the battery and can be easily switched to an LCD display. The eBike also comes with tail lights that use small batteries to operate and offer a nice night view of the roads. For parking functionality, you are provided with a nice and strong kickstand. 

Overall, Himo C26 looks very stylish and modern at this price range due to the high-quality aluminum used in its frame and internal wirings that made it more sleek and aesthetic. Furthermore, the use of the Selle Royale saddle also makes it very comfortable even during a long ride.  

How to Buy Himo C26 eBike?

You can easily explore the many online electronic stores in NZ like Tech Crazy to purchase this phenomenal eBike equipped with the latest features and designs. Besides the online shopping, you can even visit the actual stores of Tech crazy to purchase Himo C26, or any other Himo eBikes as per your budget and needs.

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