Terms & Conditions

Welcome to KTC Group LTD T/A Techcrazy . Please read this agreement carefully as it governs your use of the Techcrazy Website. It exempts Techcrazy and other persons from liability or limits their liability, and contains other important provisions that you should read.

All prices including New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 15%, NZ Company number: 3066605, NZBN: 9429031416740.

Online Purchasing

TECH CRAZY online supply to personal shoppers only.  Items on promotion can be limited to one per customer. Please see our Current Promotions Terms and Conditions for further details. If you have a commercial inquiry, please contact our TECH CRAZY Commercial team. In the event of limited stock sales, no further sales at the promotional price will be made after the allocated quantity has been sold or the expiry date and time has been reached. In the unlikely event where a product that has been ordered is no longer available, our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options. This may result in the cancellation of your order or replacement with an alternative product.
If there is an error in pricing online, in a product description, name or product image, TECH CRAZY online reserves the right to contact the customer and make the appropriate changes to the order. If an alternative option is not agreed upon with the customer, the order will be cancelled and the amount paid refunded.

All orders are screened for legitimacy of payment. If an order does not meet TECH CRAZY’s confidential security checks, the order will not be accepted. The funds will be returned to the purchasing account and a notification of this will be sent via email.

When we receive your order it will be screened and cleared of any security issue, website error or stock complication; your order will be processed and finalised. On completion of this process you will be notified that your order has been processed, payment is then taken. This results in a separate required agreement between you and us for the supply of those products.

For each order accepted you will be provided email or telephonic communications to keep you informed of the progress of your order. We endeavour to also provide Courier Track and Trace references for your convenience.

Returns Policy

7 Day Right of Exchange:

The customer can return any product for an exchange within 7 days of purchase. On the condition that the product is returned in its original condition with packaging and invoice. If you change your mind we wont able to offer Exchange of product 

Products below are excluded from this guarantee, except where they are faulty:


  • Headphones
  •   Gift Cards, Sim Cards, Recharge Cards and Vouchers i.e. iTunes
  •  Unsealed printer cartridges
  •  Software
  • VR Headsets

Extended Warranties

We offer extended warranty as well

 Your rights as a customer

Your rights and remedies under extended warranty are in addition to your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA). Under the CGA, Your Product must:
• be durable for as long as most people would expect that kind of Product to last
• be fit for its purpose – do all the normal things that people would expect that kind of Product to do
• be free of minor and major faults
• do what you are told it does including anything you are told about the Product and anything written on the box or in advertising material
• arrive on time (if it is delivered) and be in good condition.

If You think Your Product does not comply with the above guarantees and you experience a problem with the Product, you may be entitled to a remedy under the CGA, as set out in further detail below.

If you think a Product you have purchased from us does not comply with the guarantees under the CGA and you experience a problem with the Product, you may be entitled to a remedy under the CGA. Where the failure is not serious, we may choose to repair, replace or refund the cost of the Product. Where the failure is serious or makes the Product unsafe, you can choose a refund, a replacement, or to keep the goods (in which case we will pay you an amount to cover the product’s loss of value). We will also pay you a reasonable amount for any damage or extra costs caused by the fault. If you discover a fault or failure in your Product, you can contact Techcrazy Group or the store where you purchased your Product from. Where the failure is serious, you must contact us and request a refund as soon as possible after you discover the failure otherwise you may lose your right to that refund. You must also give us a reasonable time to repair the failure. We do not have to cover the cost of a repair if you do not contact us about the failure of the Product first. 


Export terms

We do not ship orders overseas if not arranged before. You can arrange by call our/email or sales team.