Layby is a method of payment by weekly or fortnightly installments. No handling fee or interest applies. Layby total price will be the same as normal retail price. The TechCrazy team holds the goods until final payment is made.


The layby must be paid off within 2 months from the date of purchase;

In case of a large amount the layby term can be extended to 3 or even 4 months providing that the payments are made regularly;

Payments can be made in the store or via direct bank transfer (online banking). If the latter please quote layby number and your name in the reference;

20% deposit, for items valued less than $250 a minimum payment of $50 must be paid, as non-refundable deposit;

If you changed your mind about the particular purchase and wish to swap product we will cancel the layby and keep your payments as a store credit. No penalty applies;

If you change your mind and wish to get your money back we will refund the amount less 10% of a total purchase to cover loss in sales;

Any upgrades or modifications to the gun (even though included into the price) will be done after the last payment is received;

At the end of Layby period The Techcrazy Team holds the right to cancel the layby should we have a customer wishing to purchase the product (we will keep the amount as a store credit unless asked for refund less 10% of the total purchase)


online layby purchases can also be arranged. Just proceed with the order as usual and in the comments make sure to mention that you wish to purchase on layby. We will reply to your email with the deposit amount to be paid and the bank account number. The same layby terms apply.

LAY-BY Conditions

Minimum 20% deposit lay-by value Monthly payments required (payments can be made with online bank transfer, cash or by card at stores)

Cancellation Fee (we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $50 + depreciation to cover the cost of storage and any loss in retail value)Total lay-by term is 2 months; however this term may be extended to 3 months for high value items at the Store Managers approval.