Car Audio and Security Installation

Find your Car stereo fantasy come alive when you buy flamboyant quality stereos from us and get it installed by our experts. Whether you prefer accurate frequency response or bass head type of music, our vast range of stereos and speakers are guaranteed to surpass all the expectations. Our expert technicians will take off all your worries for getting professional and flagship quality fitment of stereos in your car, because we know, perfect fit is equally important to get the best audio experience.

We assure you all the quality workmanship at an unbelievably affordable cost of installation. Walk in store or give us a ring to find the exact cost of your particular selection.

·         Install head unit

·         Install component speakers

·         Install coaxial speakers

·         Install speaker amplifier

·         Install subwoofer + amplifier

·         Fit reversing camera and screen

·         Band expander

·         Install GPS tracking system

·         Alarm installation

·         Door motor

·         Install centre locking 


Time and cost depends on type of vehicle. Certain vehicles may require more or less labour than others. Feel free to contact us for more information.