Apple's Second-Generation AirPods

Apple's Second-Generation AirPods

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  • 2019-06-15
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The first ever update

After long wait, the 2nd generation AirPods have arrived, and they look exactly the same. But it's what's inside that counts. The AirPods 2 come with a wireless charging case and a pair of familiar-looking buds that are smarter and faster than its predecessor.


AirPods now support hands-free "Hey Siri" functionality, allowing users to control volume and swap songs through voice commands. There's no longer a need to tap on the AirPods to activate Siri in this version.


The new AirPods are equipped with an updated H1 chip, which replaces the W1 chip and brings connectivity improvements. AirPods connect more quickly to your devices for an even more hassle-free experience, and switching between devices while listening to music is now two times faster. The H1 chip in the second-generation AirPods supports Bluetooth 5.0, which should bring better range.


AirPods pair up with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac, and thanks to the H1 chip, you can easily switch between devices.


There have been no design changes to the AirPods, so they continue to look similar to the standard Apple EarPods but without the cord. AirPods are completely wire-free, and continue to be available only in white.


AirPods continue to offer up to five hours of battery life when listening to music, and the case provides an additional 24 hours of battery life. The new AirPods are more efficient with the H1 chip and talk time has increased from two hours to three hours.


When you open up the Charging Case, the AirPods inside connect to your device automatically, and using built-in sensors and an accelerometer, the AirPods can detect when you put them in your ears or take them out, playing and pausing audio accordingly.


Built-in dual beamforming microphones in the AirPods enable both voice calls and Siri commands, and there's a secondary speech-detecting accelerometer that's able to filter out background noise and focus on your voice.

You can use both AirPods at once or just one if you want to keep an ear free to listen to the environment around you, and Apple designed the AirPods to offer high-quality AAC audio that sounds great with everything from songs to podcasts.



Since they share the same dimensions as the previous AirPods, the AirPods 2 have that lightweight effortlessness. The 0.14-ounce buds nestle gently into the ear, never causing any uncomfortable pressure. Once they're in, they kind of fade into the background, which speaks to their comfort.


Smarter Earphones with ‘Hey Siri’

Not only are the AirPods 2 faster, they’re also smarter -- at least when it comes to Siri. This is the first pair of Pods to feature hands-free Siri. That’s right, instead of having to tap out your Siri requests on those long, thin AirPod stems, you can simply say “Hey Siri,” and launch the ubiquitous digital assistant.


Battery Life and Charging Case

The AirPods last for up to five hours of non-stop music listening on a single charge, but if you're using them for phone calls, the battery drains faster.


The second-generation AirPods will last for up to three hours when talking on the phone, while the original AirPods will last for two hours. Improvements in battery life come from the new H1 chip and the fact that the second-generation AirPods support Bluetooth 5.0.


With the AirPods Charging Case or Wireless Charging Case, you can get more than 24 hours of listening time or up to 18 additional hours of talk time. There is a quick charge feature, so putting your AirPods into the Wireless Charging Case for 15 minutes will give you three hours of listening time.


Bluetooth and Call Quality


Powered by Bluetooth 5.0 instead of last gen's 4.2, the new AirPods offer a more stable connection. With its four integrated microphones, the Elite Active 65t are the gold standard for truly wireless earbuds. 


Bottom Line

Faster, smarter, longer-lasting, the AirPods 2 are still at the top of the heap for iPhone owners. Apple has given people what they want with wireless charging and a hands-free approach to Siri. And the fact that the buds offer longer talk time and faster pairing are icing on the cake, especially since the old AirPods' pairing was near instantaneous.

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