Sale Google Chromecast Ultra Twin Pack NC2-6A5-D 4K Streaming+One Year Warranty

Google Chromecast Ultra Twin Pack NC2-6A5-D 4K Streaming+One Year Warranty

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  • Brand: Google
  • Product Code: 2 x HE 00112
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This is an Refurbished model (A Grade Looks Like New), Which may have some minor cosmetic blemishes. It has passed through a 28 Point Inspection process and has been tested to the highest standards As a result, refurbished devices would typically have a lower rate of return. So all-in-all, the item should perform like a brand new product and it is backed by our 12 months Warranty



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Refurb Google Chromecast Ultra Twin Pack NC2-6A5-D2
2 x Ethernet Power Cable Only
One Year Warranty

Introducing Chromecast Ultra - Delivers everything that you love about Chromecast, plus faster processing speeds and up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR picture quality. Chromecast Ultra works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac, Windows and Chromebooks. 

Stream in up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR 
Faster streaming speeds 
More reliable connectivity - Get faster load times and smoother streaming. Comes with a built-in optional Ethernet adaptor for slow Wi-Fi connections. 
Supports all resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR for stunning picture quality 
802.11ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) Wi-Fi for high-performance streaming 


Please Note:

GOOD: the product has some reasonable wear or blemishing such as marks on the device. It is 100% functional . These devices are still in good condition and any wear should be cosmetic only (i.e. they don't affect the performance of the device). 

Comes with Ethernet Cable without Adapter

1 Year Warranty. 

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